Sleep Hypnosis To Fall Asleep

If you can’t fall asleep there could be several reasons some of which sleep hypnosis can cure. The first thing you should do is consult your doctor as it could be an unknown medical condition causing the insomnia. Insomnia could be relieved by something as simple as sleep hypnosis or it could be caused by a serious condition. Also, you may need some help to stop snoring as this can give similar insomnia  symptoms. Sleep hypnosis can be used as temporary relief for the occasional occurrence of insomnia.

While you’re lying in bed staring at the ceiling this simple sleep hypnosis exercise is just what you need. Place your hands by your side face up. Close your eyes. Now tense your entire body as you inhale, and as you exhale relax each part of your body. So start with your toes, then your foot, then your calf muscle and work your way up until you reach your forehead. Work through as many muscles by themselves as possible.

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“Sleep Hypnosis Can Be Used For Insomnia”

Once all your muscles have been tensed and relaxed with a big deep exhale you should start to feel pretty relaxed. This removes all the tension built up through the day and is a good way to get into hypnosis in general.

At this point continue your deep breathing and begin counting backwards from  10. If you are somewhat  awake imagine you are in an elevator and each time you count a number see yourself going past that floor. With each exhale count down an additional number until you reach zero.

You should feel tired by now. In fact, your tiredness will usually overpower your hypnotic trance. You should not need to count down or try and release the trance. You should now be able to go to sleep.

Experience Sleep Hypnosis And Finally Get Some Deep Sleep!

Sleep Hypnosis In ActionIf you STILL can’t fall sleep. Imagine yourself walking down stairs. With each inhale take two steps and with each exhale you take two steps. At some point visualize a door to your left or right. On the other side of this door is a problem you are trying to solve that is helping you fall asleep. Try and work through the problem in this hypnotic trance and when you are done continue down the stairs.

If you like the above sleep hypnosis script I strongly recommend you try renowned sleep hypnotherapist Richard MacKenzie’s downloadable MP3 script. He has been featured in national media publications for his work in the sleep hypnosis field.

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