Gay Hypnosis: A Solution To Feminization

You would be surprised at the amount of men who would opt to go about their life as a lady. Literally changing their gender is a tangible option for them. Simply look around…you can see proof of this by the numerous men who wear miniskirts and high-heels. A number of of them will go to the extent of wearing layers of make-up and perfume. More and more men are going to the extremes of injecting female hormones and undergoing various surgeries just to gain some degree of femininity in them.

Today it is now feasible to achieve complete inner feminization without the need for surgery or hormones through the hugely popular process of gay hypnosis, otherwise know as feminization hypnosis.

Gay Hypnosis Will Change Your Life!

During general hypnosis, you enter into an altered state of awareness where you can effectively control a selected part of your mind you do not frequently use – the subconscious mind. A person under hypnosis is made to take on a state of absolute comfort. It is during this time that the hypnotist is able to simply compel the person to change particular parts of their lives.

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Lets now talk about the procedure of feminizing a person, say your boyfriend. When you feminize him, it is the process of undergoing a change to bring out the feminine side of him. Benefiting the most from this process would be the transgender, transvestite, and transsexual social groups. The feeling of femininity will start to come across not long after starting the feminization process by noticing changes in emotions and physical mannerisms.

When the process of feminization is merged with the practice of hypnosis, the individual would be sure of a certain feeling of feminine empowerment. The practice of hypnosis has long been an accepted and successful technique for improving the lives of individuals all over the world. Hence, if used in the process of feminization, it can successfully integrate feminine characteristics into any person.

The gay hypnosis process can accurately drive the subconscious mind to manifest the feminine manner of a person. Thus with just a few sessions, you would see improvements on your movements, voice and even in your emotional state.

Download These Gay Hypnosis MP3′s And Start The Process To Feminization!

The method of gay hypnosis follows the idea that whatever your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. If you’ve been waiting to untie your feminine nature, gay hypnosis is your solution to reveal your complete feminine side.

In the specialized field of feminizing hypnosis, Richard Mackenzie is one of the worlds renowned professionals. His gay hypnosis audio scripts have helped a lot of men alter their inner selves to the female gender and also helped feminize me.


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