Feminize Me. A Successful Journey Into Feminization

feminize me pleaseFEMINIZE ME! “ My name is Paul P and that is what I used to scream in frustration to an imaginary person that I would believe could instantly feminize me.  This is my post about how I transformed my eternally unwanted masculine mannerisms and actions to those of my true feminine self.  If you are like me you know without a shadow of a doubt that you should have been born a female and desperately wish to have feminine traits or you know someone in a similar place and wish to feminize him, keep reading and allow me to relate to you my amazing transformation process…..one that may work for you also!

Without boring you about my life’s story, I’ll simply tell you there were always two things I knew that separated me from other boys. First, it was an infatuation with my sisters clothes and an unexplainable ‘rightness’ feeling when I could find a few private minutes to put them on. I remember wishing I could keep them on forever!  The other discovery was the realization that I preferred the company of other boys which ultimately grew into the fact I was gay.

“Feminize Me….Please!

In my early 20’s I finally became at peace with this fact and stopped trying to hide who I really was. I found someone who loves me for who I am and still today I wish to make him happy however I can.  But that nagging feeling of masculinity was still haunting me. Even though I had embraced my homosexuality there was nothing about my physical appearance or external traits that suggested my emotional and spiritual side was fully feminine. I began to research ways that could change my movements, speech and anything else that reeked of masculinity. I wanted something that could permanently feminine me.

Surgery wasn’t an option yet as I just really wanted to act and move more feminine. Hormone treatments basically scared me. But the technique that worked so well and compelled me to create this blog was ‘feminization hypnosis’ or ‘gay hypnosis‘.  You know…when you experienced something so wonderful you just have to share it? That’s what this is about.

Feminize Me Banner

I confess my first impression of hypnosis was that of complete nonsense and disbelief. I thought it was a hoax put on by entertainers. But the more I read about the subject the more inclined I was to give it a try to see if it could truly feminize me.  I was more surprised that there was even a hypnosis treatment for becoming more feminine.  Anyway, through my entire searching one name kept coming up for feminizing hypnosis. This name was Richard MacKenzie.

Finally, A Successful And Permanent ‘Feminize Me’ Technique!

After downloading and completing his audio program, I am finally at complete satisfaction with my femininity! Everything about the way I move has changed….from the way I brush my hair to eating, standing, walking, sitting and many other actions.  My previous masculine self is long gone and I no longer find myself screaming ‘feminize me!’.

If you have been searching for femininity without going to drastic measures, I strongly recommend Richard Mackenzie’s hypnosis MP3.


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