An Easy And Permanent Way To Feminize Him

Feminize HimDo you want to feminize your mate? About a year ago this was my desire for my mate as well. But more importantly, this was his desire also. Everything we tried would only give temporary results to feminize him. My name is Derek and this is my story about how I was able to help my boyfriend Paul transform his masculine mannerisms to their feminine counterpart.  If you are like him you know that you should have been born a female and wish to be more feminine.

Like most of us, Paul tried to hide the fact that he is gay for most of his life. All the while knowing at some time he would have to stop pretending….as it was killing him inside having to live a lie. Several years ago (before we met) he ‘came-out’ to everyone and although he finally felt a sense of relief he had to endure all the initial shock from everyone.

Feminize Him Through Feminizing Hypnosis!

Sometime after this is when we met and started our relationship. When we shared our stories with each other I could tell there was something he was still not satisfied with. He expressed a desire to be more feminine as he had had this urge his entire life. So we set-out on a mission to feminize him.

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Since he just basically wanted to change his mannerisms, surgery was not an option. And hormone therapy wasn’t an option either. So this narrowed-down the possibilities a lot. As we continued to research we came across a procedure that ultimately worked so well it convinced me to create this blog. This technique is known as ‘feminizing hypnosis’ or gay hypnosis.

Our initial attitude of hypnosis was that it was complete nonsense. I always thought hypnosis was a hoax put on by entertainers. However, as we learned more about hypnosis the more believing I was that this was a tool that could indeed help feminize him.  He had nothing to lose.  Through all our research the same name kept appearing for feminizing hypnosis. This name was Richard Mackenzie.

A very short time after downloading his audio scripts we started noticing changes in Paul’s actions! And today, everything about the way he acts has changed….from the way he walks to eating, standing, brushing his hair, sitting and many other actions.

You can read his own ‘feminize me‘ post here.

If you can relate to this story and would like to know more about a process to feminize him, I strongly recommend you check-out Richard Mackenzie’s hypnosis techniques. He has specifically created an mp3 that is designed to feminize any willing individual.


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