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Feminization hypnosis has become the leading trend in increasing one’s feminine characteristics whether you are a man or woman. It’s currently helping thousands of individuals get in touch with and exude their buried feminine traits.  Renowned hypnotherapist Richard McKenzie is among only a few therapists in the world who specialize in this emerging field. His feminization hypnosis MP3 is one of the top self hypnosis downloads competing with the Stop Smoking hypnosis MP3 and Weight Loss hypnosis MP3 therapies.

Men and women both are benefiting from this feminization hypnosis mp3 as its content can be directed towards either sex. Women who use this download have, for a number of reasons, felt themselves as having a diminished sense of femininity. Feminization hypnosis for women enables them to better walk, sit, carry on a conversation, eat or any number of other actions more like the woman they were born to be. This mp3 was created to address these feelings.

Hypnosis Feminization  MP3 Now Available!

Moreover, Richard McKenzie’s feminization hypnosis has been extremely successful when used by men who want to be more feminine but do not want to go the surgery or hormone treatment route ….its the ‘feminize him‘ movement. Even though the physiological differences between men and woman pose more of a challenge for men to, say, walk like women this hypnosis mp3 overcomes this issue.

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Take walking for example.  There are two main areas that are obvious when comparing the stride between a man and a woman. If you observe the stride of a man and a woman you will see the hip-to-leg joint is different allowing the woman to keep their legs closer together while walking. In addition, the elbows are more tucked-in to the torso on the woman causing her palms to be more facing each other. Conversely, men walk more bent-over causing their elbows to bend outward with palms facing more backwards.

During feminization hypnotherapy obstacles such as these are overcome by the power of hypnotic suggestions. In short, the subconscious gets re-programmed with instructions on exactly how to act and move in a perfectly feminine manner. Before long your body will begin to move more fluid and graceful without any conscious thought at all.

More importantly, as you begin to see yourself becoming more feminine you will start to feel more feminine as well which reinforces the physical changes to become permanent.  So if you are not satisfied with your level of femininity, I strongly suggest downloading Richard McKenzie’s feminization hypnosis now.

Richard Mackenzie is the foremost expert in this specialized field of feminization hypnosis. His hypnosis audio scripts have helped many individuals transform their inner selves and has helped feminize me.


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